Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Coffee Geek

I have to admit that I am a Coffee Geek (one of my favorite web sites is http://www.coffeegeek.com). I'm sure that there are worse ones out there than me, and I don't spend as much money on it as I could (thankfully), but I have at least 4 different ways of making coffee in my house and I like to cycle between them all every so often.
Anyway, Coffee Geek has a great post on how to make Turkish Coffee (http://www.coffeegeek.com/guides/turkishcoffee) complete with pictures of the entire process. This is important since many guides for making Turkish Coffee on the web are just text and you are sure to mess up one of the important parts from just a description. One of the most notable things about Turkish Coffee preparation is how almost everyone who has posted a description has some step that must be done as described or it is sacrilege, but other posts will have it completely different. My experience is that there is more slop in the process than many people seem to believe. Isn't that like most things?

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