Sunday, January 1, 2006

Many Browsers

I have to say it, I'm addicted to new software. For some reason I'm especially fond of messing around with different web browsers. Once Opera became free recently I gave it a shot and I have to say that I use it almost exclusively now. I still like Firefox for the variety of its plugins (open source shines the most for that aspect), and I have to use Internet Explorer sometimes on pages due to compatability issues (Opera, for example, doesn't seem to like handling Blogspot's post editor that well - see screenshot). But all-in-all I think that Opera is my favorite browser... currently... until I try something different.


Amy said...

Just waving Hi to Justin so you don't feel left out. :) If you can't figure out who Amy is you can ask Jane. :)

You'll know me in the future by my over use of smilies and exclamation points, lol. And LOLs. :)

Justin said...

Hi Amy! Of course I can figure out who you are.