Saturday, May 27, 2006

Poor Lil' SGI

The IT press is in a tizzy over the Chapter 11 filing by SGI. This is strange to me because if ever there was a company whose impending demise made perfect sense it was SGI. I should say that I, like almost all other folks who have anything to do with tech, love SGIs in much the same way that we love beautiful sports cars. In much the same way as we cannot afford beautiful sports cars, however, we usually can't afford SGIs. There used to be a lot of companies that had to have the capabilities that only SGI could offer, but that is no longer the case. Unfortunately for SGI they have maintained their marvelous brand image so even when we want a good graphics system they aren't the first place we look (because even if we could afford it, we feel like we can't). My sports car analogy is apt, I think, because there are brands of cars that you would never even consider because you have in your mind that they are expensive. The same is very true when we consider systems for purchase. I'll be sad if SGI goes away completely because I had always hoped that one of our projects might actually require something that cool, but now I may never get the chance. *sigh*

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