Friday, August 8, 2008

Taylor Creek Fish

Taylor Creek Fish
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If you are ever at Lake Tahoe you should take the time to go and visit the Taylor Creek Stream Profile Chamber. First you get to take this great little nature walk through the woods and then you descend under the water level of the nearby stream into this little room which has windows on the side facing the stream so the stream actually flows right by the window. It is a neat idea and well executed.

The Taylor Creek Stream Profile Chamber is a short walk on the Rainbow Trail (a paved trail which is not at all strenuous) that leaves from the Visitor Center. You can park at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center which is located off of Highway 89 a few miles to the north of Camp Richardson which is just outside of South Lake.

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We were "close" We were in San Francisco, Monterey and Santa Rosa. We could not believe the different in termperatures between the 3. Wow!! Thanks for entering my contest.