Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil
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This is my great pride and joy, my sweet basil plant. When I planted it at the beginning of the season, it looked like this.

This may not be so impressive to you, but I have a thumb as brown as the fence in the background (note that I killed the tomato and jalapeno plant that used to share this barrel with the basil) so I'm quite pleased that this little plant grew so well. I'm a bit sad that its leaves are getting smaller as the season nears its end and I'll miss Caprese Salad and basil in my scrambled eggs, but I'll be buying a basil plant first thing next year when they show up at the stores.


Jennifer said...

Wow...I'm impressed that you grew that in the desert heat! Great job.

Justin said...

Thanks! Apparently basil loves heat. The hotter it got the better it grew. As a matter of fact, when I missed watering it for a few days one time it just exploded. I think I was over watering it.