Thursday, January 5, 2006


I don't know how many of you out there in Blogland use MSN Messenger, but I am convinced that they have three of the very best smileys out there. They are:

TME and I are very hip and wired and so we often use MSN to chat with each other when we are in different rooms. That's what very hip and wired people do, you know. We also got Shorty hooked up with MSN so that we don't have to shout when she's back in her room. That's what hip and wired people do who are tired of shouting "Get off the computer and do your schoolwork!" LOL

So I use liberally. TME thinks it's the exact face that I make at him when he's being silly. He's probably right. is good for all-purpose not getting your way. And is always useful when TME says he wants to read one more blog before he makes my pancakes on a Saturday morning. :)

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