Friday, January 6, 2006

Moving to a New Computer

I haven't posted lately as I've been moving myself to a new computer. The old one was having power problems so I finally decided it was time to just begin anew. Anyway, one of the most frustrating things about starting over like this is all of the passwords that I have to re-enter (some of which I have forgotten and can't find anywhere). I suppose I could use one of those password managers but I feel like somebody should make a way to have a single password that is used for all sorts of programs, sort of an online driver's license. When you get a new program, it could, with a very simple-to-implement API, query this central identification server. Of course, there would be the huge problems inherent in securing something like this when some criminal stole your identity and then owned all of your data in a single stroke. Bummer.

Jane tells me that she never has any problems remembering all of her passwords. Of course, since they are all "Jane" that makes it easy... just kidding.


Plain Jane said...

Phooey, no HTML in comments. You totally deserve the mad smiley though. :P

P.S. Those of us who are cool and use Firefox can set up a master password and then we don't have to remember stuff anymore. *neener neener*

Justin said...

Yeah, but this isn't really a browser problem. The issue is with all these applications I have.