Wednesday, January 11, 2006

sort of a WOOT

Well, I decided for exercise purposes that I would try running in place on the trampoline instead of jumping on it. On Monday I did it for 15 minutes! *insert WOOT here* On Tuesday my calves ached so bad it hurt to walk. Image hosted by I didn't exercise Tuesday partly because of my calves and partly because I got my allergy shot that afternoon and I read somewhere that you aren't suppose to do heavy exercise after an allergy shot and that sounded like a good excuse to me and I want to take good care of myself. So today I exercised again! That makes twice in one week, which is a pretty sorry achievement but I will take what I can get!

I also found a new project to start! This time I am making myself another "house sweater." I am a little like Mr. Rogers in the winter, I get home, take off my jacket and put on a sweater. My current house sweater has a bunch of snags on it because I like to pick up my cats so I thought I'd make another. Of course now that I am making one I will be really mad if my cats snag it, haha. I am crocheting it, and I am a super fast crocheter so I am already done with the back and have started on the left front. I used "reclaimed yarn" from a project that I tinked--it was going to be a sweater for TME but I started it on the knitting machine, then put it aside and forgot how I had done all the settings so I just gave up on it. It is navy blue, and I would post a picture but it would just come out looking like a black blob and you would wonder why in the world I would waste my time on that. Hopefully it will be semi-cute when I'm done.


ElizaF said...

From a dieting Mother to an exercising husband. Best wishes and lots of willpower in your direction :) ElizaF

Plain Jane said...

Thanks for the comment! :)

And WOOT vibes to anyone who can help me figure out how to get rid of that gray border around my images. Putting border=0 in the img src tag doesn't do it. *blah*

Justin said...

Got ya' covered on the image borders, sweetheart!

Amy said...

ooo now pop over to my blog and teach ME how to take the image borders off. :)