Sunday, January 8, 2006


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I am officially a wuss. And exercise is officially the pits. Image hosted by Image hosted by

Okay, so we got one of those mini trampolines at the thrift shop. Shorty and Midge were thrilled of course, as they are already bouncing off the wall half the time anyway. And clever me thought it would be useful for exercise. Image hosted by I can jump about 10 times before I get a side stitch. Image hosted by Today I managed to run in place on it for 15 minutes. About an hour later I got stomach cramps which TME said was basically my innards getting all revved up due to the exercise. Image hosted by Just lovely. Yeah, that's really what I need, revved up innards. *blah*

TME tells me that if I work through it then it will get better. I'm not sure why I want to. Grrrr. Image hosted by

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Justin said...

You have to get to the point where your body is used to exercise. It has always seemed to me that there is a real hill to go over first before you see any good effects or actually feel good afterwards.