Friday, January 27, 2006

Buying Food on the Plane

Some of the airlines have started programs now where they sell you food on flights that they normally would have given you a meal on before. I'll have to admit that I was very cynical about this the first time I was on a flight where they were doing it, but I had a change of heart pretty quickly after I realized that in general the quality was higher than what we were getting before and I could ask for more healthy options that tasted better than what you used to get if you selected the "Low Fat" or "Vegetarian" meal preference. I could still hope that they would just give these choices to us for free, but in the end I'm happy with the switch (except for the times when I've forgotten to bring cash on the plane with me and had to sit with a growling stomach and nothing but the snack mix bags they still hand out for free to kill the pain for 5+ hours, but those were my fault).


Plain Jane said...

And don't forget the times when they skip your row and you forget about the "call flight attendant" button for 5+ hours. :D

Justin said...

Hey! Well, okay, that is true.