Sunday, January 22, 2006

yay for me!

Well, I've been mostly keeping up with exercising. It is still boring, and I'm still not seeing any real changes (TME doesn't think I will, since I am already scrawny--maybe just an increase in endurance), but at least I'm still doing it. And I finished the sweater! It actually turned out pretty cute, although I need to re-do the buttons. I bought the size specified, but they are really too small for the buttonholes--it won't stay buttoned. And it's much easier to put on new buttons than to re-do the buttonholes.

Now I've started on TME's sweater. I am making it in "Montana Sky" Homespun yarn by Lion Brand, I think it will look nice on him. Now I'm just hoping I can finish it before sweater season is over--sweater season doesn't last very long in Eclectic-ville.

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Amy said...

Then you can crochet some of those cool bathingsuits you once linked me to. ;-)