Monday, January 30, 2006

I am still here!

Working feverishly on TME's sweater. The back is done and I'm halfway through the front. I bought four skeins as the pattern required but I think I may need more, I am almost done with the 2nd skein already.

So much for exercising. I have ANOTHER COLD! Image hosting by Photobucket I am using Zicam AND Airborne so I had better get well soon or else. Image hosting by Photobucket

On a more fun note, we are going to be butterfly parents! Shorty got a Butterfly Pavilion from Insect Lore for Christmas and we were waiting until it got a little warmer to order the caterpillars. Well, since it takes a few weeks to get them, and about 5 weeks for them to mature, if we order now they should be full-grown butterflies by the end of March and that's practically summer in Eclectic-ville. :D

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Amy said...

Sorry you are sick! Let me know how the Airborne and Zicam work out - I tried Airborne the other week for my cold but stopped after a day because I think it was bothering the baby (what else is new???). I'd love to hear if it really works!

Pictures, I want pictures of the sweater! :) I'm thinking of doing a hat for oldest dd - we are getting her a type of wig that you have to wear a hat with it...I've got to look around for hat patterns. I hope I remember how to crochet and knit!

Have fun with the butterflies, we really liked that last year.