Sunday, February 5, 2006

On Behalf of Jane

Well, the Zicam worked (or at least she got over the cold quickly, anyway). And I have to report that I've now managed to dodge 3 out of the last 3 colds that have gone through the house. (I think it is due to all of the juice I've been drinking, but I might have just gotten lucky, I guess.)

She also wanted to say that she has to work really fast on my sweater since it is getting warm. (But it is just the nice February warmth and we always have some freezing and windy days in March and April, so she shouldn't worry too much.)

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Amy said...

Glad Jane is feeling better! Not 3 hours after posting in your comments about Zicam and Airborne, I came down with another cold too! Tried Zicam gum this time and the cold was quickly gone as well.

Good stuff. :)

Glad you are dodging the bullet, Justin!